Since 2014, OCM has worked with community organizations, innovative technology builders and business leaders to connect Indigenous and diverse job seekers with employment opportunities across Canada.

Our employer partnerships are created to fit the unique needs of each business OCM works with. Every business starts with a ‘welcome survey’ to ensure OCM can capture a company’s current work in the Indigenous and diversity space and build a program specific to business needs.

Our partnerships are intended to be robust, enthusiastic and long lasting.

  • OCM works to ‘Indigenize’ current recruitment policies to reflect the values and traditions of the Indigenous community.
  • We will develop an education module about Indigenous history for all managers to experience, particularly those who will be working with Indigenous job seekers and/or employees.
  • Provide practical advice and suggestions about how to become involved with the Indigenous community outside of employment.
  • OCM keeps employers honest and accountable by providing feedback on success to ensure a business is ‘walking the walk’.
  • Advise on further systems change to open lines of communication between departments, spread awareness and understand of your relationships with OCM enterprise wide to ensure the success of Indigenous employees and our partnership.

Service Offering Highlights:

Indigenous Sourcing

Assessment based Indigenous targeted job postings on OCM's HigherMe platform across the country.

Assessment Based Hiring

With OCM's assessment-based hiring process, we ensure the best candidates filter to the top of your Talent Pool.

Lunch and Learn Sessions
60 – 90 minute virtual ‘Lunch and Learn’ session which includes cultural awareness, knowledge from an Elder and broad strokes of Indigenous communities and OCM’s mandate.
Brand Awareness

Company name recognition and brand awareness at all career fairs, pow-wows and sporting events OCM attends.

Wide Reach

All postings are mirrored on dozens of job boards including Indeed, Facebook, Glass Door etc.

Indigenous Job Seeker Virtual Speed Interview Events

Two day events, whereby a business can speed interview pre-screened Indigenous job seekers from around the country. 

Cultural Awareness

Cultural Awareness Session(s) facilitated by OCM’s facilitator to provide understanding of the Indigenous worldview and history.

‘Indigenizing The HiringProcess’

OCM's signature training, teaching employers how to Indigenize the Hiring Process. 

Retention Support

The ‘OCM Employee Support Text Line’ includes monthly check-ins by OCM with each hire which increasing retention.


Outreach to OCM’s existing Indigenous Talent Pool (41,000 people) and community partners across the country.

Employer Partner Contact

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Our goal is to close the Indigenous unemployment gap!

Our Children's Medicine

Our Children's Medicine (OCM) was founded by Josh Hellyer and Birch Hill Equity Partners. OCM is a Canadian registered charity: 790064885 RR 0001 .


Oversight and governance is provided by Birch Hill Equity Partners

‘Our Children’s Medicine’ has been incorporated under the Federal Not-For-Profit Corporations Act.