Our Story

Our Story

We are building a Canada where Indigenous and barriered jobseekers have the same employment opportunities as all other Canadians.

Our Children's Medicine connects Indigenous and barriered jobseekers, Canadian businesses and nonprofit agencies to eliminate barriers to employment. Using HigherMe's job platform, jobseekers create online profile that bypasses the paper resume and allows them to highlight skills gained from lived experience rather than work experience. Applications involve answering a multiple choice questionnaire and recording an optional short video. HigherMe's proprietary algorithm assigns a Match Score to the profiles, alerting HR managers of the suitability of a candidate for a certain role.

The Challenge

The Challenge

Indigenous youth face a far higher unemployment rate than most Canadians. What is preventing them from accessing employment? How can employers outreach to this community and provide greater economic opportunity?


Canadian unemployment rate


Youth unemployment rate


Indigenous youth unemployment rate

Multiple, easily preventable barriers halt the job search of these applicants.

Limited work experience disadvantages candidates when hiring is resume-based
Limited resume-writing experience
No desktop internet to apply through job boards
No printer access for resume printing
Lack of confidence to walk in to a business with a resume
Past experiences of racism/discrimination make job seekers hesitant to apply to certain businesses

The Opportunity

The Opportunity

With over 250,000 entry-level job vacancies per month and 600,000 unemployed youth, it is clear that job seekers are struggling to be considered for the ample opportunities in Canada.


jobs vacancies per month requiring a high school diploma or less


15-24 year olds in Canada are currently unemployed

Meet the Team

Meet The Team

Josh Hellyer

Founding Director,

Charlie Headshot
Charlie Sault

Community Connector & Partnerships (SWO)

Corrine Tansowny

Manager, Partnerships & Opportunities

Kelly Hashemi

Advisor, Community

Advisory Board

Advisory Board

John MacIntyre
Founding Partner, Birch Hill Equity Partners

Leanne Hall
National Leader | Deloitte Indigenous Partner

Josh Hellyer
President, Our Children's Medicine (Ex-Officio)

Taunya Paquette
Director, Indigenous Education Office | Ministry of Education (ONT)

Jayne Pyper
COO, The YMCA-Greater Toronto Area

Pierre Schuurmans
COO, Birch Hill Equity Partners

Our goal is to connect 100,000 jobseekers with employment

Our Children's Medicine

Our Children's Medicine connects Indigenous and barriered job seekers, Canadian businesses and nonprofit agencies to eliminate barriers to employment. Using HigherMe's assessment-based hiring platform, job seekers create an online profile that shifts the focus from prior work experience to lived and cultural experiences. 

OCM became an independent not-for-profit in 2017 with governance and oversight provided by Birch Hill Equity Partners. 

‘Our Children’s Medicine’ has been incorporated under the Federal Not-For-Profit Corporations Act.
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